Vidya (Knowledge) meets Vigyan (Science)

Driven by the need to address challenges faced by researchers in the commercialization of technologies, Vidyan was created to bring innovations to industry

   In 2013, Vidyan BioCommerce Pvt. Ltd., (VBC) was created with the intent to bridge the existing gap between chemical and bioprocess innovators and related industries and provide the much needed impetus to innovation.

   VBC was born out of the need to address the challenges faced by Indian academic research institutions in translating, transferring and commercializing innovative technologies to the industry.

   Vidyan’s primary role is to act as a facilitator for technology translation and transfer by providing chemical/ bioprocess engineering and design consultancy and is therefore, a crucial link between innovators and their user industries.

   Today, VBC is lead by technocrats who are invested in taking Indian technologies into the global arena and boasts of a qualified, capable and committed team of technologists, engineers and chemists with a cumulative industrial and research experience of over seventy years.